About Us

The ethos of Finance & Mortgage Solutions (FMS) is based on the concept of Kaizen Daily Measurable Improvements. In business management Kaizen is a Japanese tradition which is now used internationally, modified by each culture to best suit their own business environments. A literal translation of the term is "to become good through change". At its most basic the concept of kaizen is one of restructuring and organising every aspect of a system to ensure it remains at peak efficiency.

Kaizen is founded upon five primary elements:

Quality Circles: Groups which meet to discuss quality levels concerning all aspects of a company's running.

Improved Morale: Strong morale amongst the workforce is a crucial step to achieving long-term efficiency and productivity, and kaizen sets it as a foundational task to keep constant contact with employee morale.

Teamwork: A strong company is a company that pulls together every step of the way. Kaizen aims to help employees and management look at themselves as members of a team, rather than competitors.

Personal Discipline: A team cannot succeed without each member of the team being strong in themselves. A commitment to personal discipline by each employee ensures that the team will remain strong.

Suggestions for Improvement: By requesting feedback from each member of the team, the management ensures that all problems are looked at and addressed before they become significant.

Our Mission

The mission of Finance & Mortgage Solutions has always been to work with our clients to build a relation to enhance their financial freedom. We understand you to make it easier so that we can be there for all the changes in your circumstances! We are transparent and work with the utmost integrity to deliver value to assist you in reaching your goals. Our financial solutions are for all types of clients’ offering holistic and objective advice, with a complete focus on client needs.

  • Madhu Chaudhuri


    Madhu brings a fresh outlook to seemingly arduous situations and easily crafts solutions providing customers a holistic solution to have a foundation on which they can achieve their goals with relative ease.

    More than a decade she has been working in wholesale property and financial markets nationally. Having a background of Architecture she brings in discipline and creativity to bring fresh and thoughtful solutions on the table. Her adept understanding of money and credit is pragmatic, practical and logical.

    In the last five years she has developed Finance and Mortgage Solutions to be recognized by major lending and financial institutions for integrity and quality in the delivery of customer solutions.

    She is presently spearheading a solutions campaign in light of the GFC to provide customers both individuals and business owners to avail value added services that will make the going all the more easier.

  • Arnab Ghosh Dastidar

    Business Consultant and Operational Head

    Arnab has more than a decade of experience in various industry verticals and global markets. His primary expertise is in business processes and operations in logistics.

    He has consulted Fortune 100 companies and has worked with organisations in the private, public and government services. He has worked extensively in the Asia Pacific and Australian markets. He is innovative and provides solutions that bring value to the organisation.

    Arnab has been instrumental in bringing to Finance and Mortgage; business consulting services in the SME space to synergise the Commercial services to existing and new clients. He has been working with financial institutions, associate partners and banks integrating the systems internally to provide transparent information and service delivery for clients.

  • Ratna Tewari

    Chief Executive (WA)

    Ratna has been involved in the mortgage industry since last 5 years, and has formally taken this up, as a career since January 2011 as Chief Executive – Western Australia. She is passionate about the real estate markets in Australia. Her interest and drive has enriched her with diversified knowledge.

    Her zeal to understand her client leads her to extend that extra mile for them with integrity and professionalism. She has the compassion to understand the issues a home buyer faces as being a migrant and a working mum, she has journey through the trails each one of us has faced and this is why she does the best for her customers by doing the right thing.

  • Mohish Mukhi

    Mortgage Manager

    Mohish is a dedicated mortgage consultant having intricate understanding of the mortgage industry. His focus is providing customers with tailored solutions that provide them with choices enabling financial security and independence.

    Mohish is passionate in helping people and shares his own personal experiences and journey to make choices seem so easy for his customers. His unique quality is the bond he develops and nourishes with his customers that make him stand out as an extraordinary person in the mortgaeg broker market.

    At Finance and Mortgage he has been collating mortgage information and tips to help in building customer relationships and delivering transparent and effective solutions.

  • Kamlesh Batra

    Principal Associate

    Kamlesh is a sincere delight to our customers. His passion for finance and care for his customers is really appreciable. He always covers all areas of concern to ensure that the customer gets the best possible options available.

    Kamlesh has a background in systems design and has for the last two years following his passion in finance. He has shown exemplary skills in selectiong solutions for customers, addressing thier requirements and delivering them transparently and ethically. His ownership and accountability stands him in high regard with his customers and as well as his peers.

    At Finance and Mortgage he has been instrumental in building customer relationships and delivering transparent and effective solutions.