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    How to have a Smoother Loan Process?

    The best way to have a smoother loan process is to ensure that you provide all of the relevant paper work and information. This helps lenders to have all the information they need to assess you. What do you need to provide these days?

    Income Proof

    • For PAYG Income, provide the latest two consecutive payslips.
    • A Group Certificate or an ATO Tax Assessment Notice
    • For Self Employed or Businesses, the last two years financials
    • The last two years Income Tax returns and ATO Assessment notices

    Proof of Savings

    • Provide an original bank statement with your name and address and a current internet statement. The latest statement should cover atleast the last three months.
    • For Genuine Savings it is require that you have had the funds for at least three months. If LMI is involved, it is very important to prove genuine savings.

    Liabilities Conduct

    • Provide an Original Credit Card Statement with your name and address and a Current Internet Statement. The latest statement should cover at least the last three months.
    • For Refinancing a Loan, it is important to provide statements for the last six months to demonstrate your good conduct


    • In the case of a purchase , always provide a copy of the Contract of Sale.
    • For Refinancing a Property, it is important to provide the Rates Notice.
    • When the property is an investment property, then 6 months Real Estate agent’s monthly statements are required, if managed personally 6 month bank statements are required showing evidence of monthly or fortnightly payments.

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